Graduation from Texas Department of Criminal Justice Academy
Plainview Texas -  July 8, 2005

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The mission of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is to provide public safety, promote positive change in offender behavior, reintegrate offenders into society, and assist victims of crime.





I'm there in the background


Preparing to receive our graduation certificates


Shaking hands on the graduation line

Swearing in our duty oath


Sgt. Austin & I - She was my mentor throughout the academy


Lt. Freeman & I - He was the range Lt and also a Master Defensive Tactics Instructor

Here I am with Major Davis - The training supervisor for Region 5


Sgt Hendon, Me and Sgt Watson - Two of my Defensive Tactic Instructors


Sgt Jones & I

Me & Ty Zuber - He will be working at the Roach Unit with me


Chamayne Jolly and I


Me and Mark Menke

Me & Johnny Hill - He will be working at the Roach Unit with me


Me, Adam Wooley and Jose Rodriguez


Class Graduation Photo

Graduation Photo - Blue Band is because I was a squad leader




“We are reminded that those who work in the field of criminal justice put their lives on the line every day, all in the interest of public safety and the betterment of our society." - TDCJ Executive Director Gary Johnson 10/2004

Employee Name Date of Loss Unit Assignment
Rhonda Osborne 10/21/04 Connally
John M. Bennett  7/17/03 Offender Transportation
Stanley Wiley 1/29/03 Clements
Daniel Nagle 12/17/99 McConnell
Wilmot A. Burnett 12/16/99 Diagnostic
Francisco Garza 5/31/99 Dominguez
Bill Himstedt, Sr 8/7/98 Diagnostic
James Dimanoff 10/14/97 Gatesville
Arthur B. Hanes, Jr. 11/14/96 Beto I
Timothy J. Parsley, Sr. 10/1/96 Gib Lewis
Stephen Stewart 1/7/94 Wynne
Sidney Lyons 11/19/89 Ramsey III
Joe F. Gurney 8/12/88 Beto I
Minnie R. Houston 6/3/85 Ellis I
Robert A. Hunt 6/6/84 Wynne
Dalton B. Cawthray 1/5/84 Clemens
Wallace M. Pack 4/4/81 Ellis I
Billy M. Moore 4/4/81 Ellis I
Cephus D. Burson 10/1/80 Eastham
John B. Brown 7/18/77 Central
Elizabeth Y. Beseda 8/3/74 Huntsville
Julia Standley 8/3/74 Huntsville
Charles Jesse Baker 7/21/59 Eastham
Benjamin Franklin Larue 11/22/46 Huntsville
George Preston 6/20/44 Wynne
John R. Greer 8/27/38 Eastham
Johnnie Ford 10/4/37 Central
Virgil Welch 5/10/35 Eastham
Major Joe Crowson 1/27/34 Eastham
Jim Sneed 7/6/31 Retrieve
Will Rader 1926 Unknown
George Taylor 3/15/1884 Rusk